So, just what is a waifuist?

A “waifuist” is a person who has a deep romantic connection and relationship with a fictional 2D entity. The waifuist will usually not be in a relationship with a “3D” person while also dating their 2D significant other. No two waifuists are the same, however, just as no two people are the same in any other context. The majority of waifuists recognize that they are in love with a fictional being, yet accept this fact, and go on living their lives. Others, like myself, have a deeply spiritual relationship to their partner, and feel as though they are just as real as you and me. It’s a feeling not too dissimilar to how a deeply religious person feels within their heart that their God(s) are real. The mere thought of a 2D entity being considered a “fictional character” is seen as disrespectful and inaccurate. I personally call this type of Waifuist a “Soul Waifuist”. This distinction between the two waifuists is critical, as the different mentalities cause said person to live and act differently in relation to their 2D partner, and the people in their lives. Although, it is common to see that both types of Waifuists find comfort in or own some sort of a physical object that represents their partner. These are usually plush dolls, figurines and Dakimakuras (body pillows), although, these are far from the only items used.

Are Waifuists just lonely losers?

This is the most common stereotype you’ll see thrown around by those on the outside looking in. This has a lot to do with the fact that the term “waifu” was originally used in a joking manner to describe an anime fan who is overly obsessed with a particular person from an anime or video game. The nerdy reputation of these types of media from the outset also helps lead to the idea of the person being a childish loser living in their parents’ basements. It’s an old and tired mentality, but it still exists to this day.

That said, are waifuists truly just lonely losers? The answer is no. Shocking, I know, but not everyone who identifies as a waifuist is an inept human being who doesn’t have friends, doesn’t know how to socialize, has no job or ambitions, etc. (We’re all probably still living in our parents’ basements though, but that’s because we can’t afford rent anywhere! xD) Just kidding there, but seriously though, the fact is that the majority of self proclaimed waifuists are your average students at university, hard working folks working their 9 to 5’s, that friendly person who held the door for you at the shop, or in my case, a full time care taker of an autistic adult sibling. And yes, in case you’re wondering, I socialize and communicate just fine. I just happen to be in love with someone living in the 2D space. Ike and his world are real to me, but I still live my life just as everyone else tries to do.

Now, I can’t speak for everyone, and there are waifuists that fit that less social and lonely person bill. However, these traits aren’t exclusive to waifuists. Any person in any stage of life can be this way. In fact, a common trend you’ll notice within waifuist communities is that once they’ve found their 2D partner and accepted the feelings that have formed over time, that person’s life often takes a turn for the better. Once shy or depressed individuals gradually find themselves becoming more confident, outgoing, and just plain happy! This certainly describes my experience as well.

Anyway, I hope this has been informative. I understand that those on the outside-looking-in are confused and put off by the concept of it all. And that’s fine! Reader, you must live your life the way you want, but also need to allow others to do the same. We all have only one life. As long as no one else is hurt, live it how you see fit!