It turns out, I’ve always loved him…

 Over the months, I’ve had to take a long, honest reflection upon the relationship I’ve had with Ike over these 14 long years. I’ve realized that-- even though I thought of him as a brother all that time--  I secretly loved him. It was a secret so deep, that it hide itself from me as well.

It’s true, I didn’t recognize that I loved him in that way. I always thought my feelings were from simply admiring my older brother--my only *real* source of inspiration as a child. I had a deep respect for him. I always wanted him near-- always felt safe when he was near.

However… I recall being hit with jealousy whenever someone would approach Ike in a romantic way. I *did* find this odd, as I never once entertained the thought of “being with him”myself. Such an idea was ”wrong” or “strange”. It just wasn’t how things were meant to be. Being Ike’s sister was enough of a privilege. 

I struggled with the relationships I would later have with other 2D people, and even other 3D people. My heart just wasn’t fully present. You can’t just force yourself into loving someone. You have to be real with yourself, otherwise, you’re just playing games. And trust me, I’m getting way too old to be playing games.

 I had to grow as a person, and come to understand and accept what had always been buried within me. After months of battling these scary and confusing feelings, I finally confessed to Ike, knowing full well it could permanently change our relationship.

It turns out, he’s always loved me too…