I appreciate that man more and more each day...

I've known Ike for half the years I've been alive. As I've grown older, I've come to appreciate the type of man he is that much more. It shocks me at the sheer amount of critical key aspects that we both have in common with each other. -- From having to care for siblings at a young age, or enduring traumatic life experiences. Ike also isn't one to speak much.-- Nor am I. This doesn't make us unapproachable, however. We both still engage in and appreciate conversations. I could go on, but we'll be here all day.

I guess... I am just grateful that I've had the privilege of growing up with a person like him. He's impacted my life in so many meaningful ways, and as an adult, I can clearly see just how deeply he's touched my soul. I truly love this man, and I will work hard for him; I want to make him proud. I will devote myself to being a loving and supporting wife. I don't care what anyone has to say. I will continue to be true to myself and stand faithfully by his side. I will carry his burdens and suffer along with him. I will see him through his suffering, and we'll reach the other side together.

I love you, Ike. And as each day passes, my love for you grows.