2Dism Links

The links provided here are resources for 2Dists and  serious waifuists looking for information, tools, and/or communities they can join with like-minded people.



This sub is owned and operated by moderator and close friend of mine, setokaibas. It is a closely monitored and secure serious waifuist community. In addition to the security and safe atmosphere provided, the policy of "no duplicate waifuist" is heavily enforced. Those seeking entry into the community with a waifu someone within the community is already married to or dating will be politely declined membership. A list of the current members are provided for your reference.


A waifuist community that takes great pride in providing top notch security and a supportive environment for serious waifuists. The moderator, Venom, goes through great lengths to keep his private discord server held at the highest of standards.


"A website where you can host your web page or "shrine" for your waifu."

My Self-Insert Story
 Self-Insert Fanfiction Generator.


Zelda's Palace

This is a passionately made fan site for The Legend of Zelda, and one of our affiliates. I'm a fan of the series myself, and highly recommend you give it a visit!



The following sites will provide places to purchase props that can be used to bring your partner to life in our world. These items include dakimakuras, mannequins, custom-made dolls, etc.


A dakimakura is the most standard 2Dist prop out there, and this is one of the best custom daki shops I've seen. The lead artist, Mitgard, always provide friendly, top quality service. He's also very flexible, and is willing to make several changes to your designs, even if it's in its final stages! In-fact, my sweet Ike daki shown in the gallery of this site was done by this shop!


A great site that provides a large variety of mannequins in different poses and styles which can be used to dress as your partner.


Planning on having a baby? This Etsy shop sells beautifully crafted custom reborn dolls for fairly low prices.


You can't bring your partner to life without having a scent associated with them! Here you'll find an impressive library of perfumes and colognes that capture more uncommon types of smells.

For my darling Ike, I was able to find a few scents that captured what smells he might catch after having fought on the battlefield and marched in the planes; this scent was called "Earthworm". I then followed up with "Bonfire"--fitting for the camp out following the battle.

Check it out and see what you can find!


Many differing types of voice boxes that can be used to record your partner's voice for play back are sold here.



If your partner has little to no official merchandise associated with them, you must take matters into your own hands! These websites are places where you can have a vast variety of products made featuring your own images of your beloved! I've had plenty of cool and useful items made using pictures of my sweet Ike, and they decorate my home. Try them for yourself!