There are details of my life as a 2Dist that I may not think to include in my writings since the entirety of this lifestyle, and how it plays out day-to-day, is all normal to me. Because of this, the most "mundane" of things I don't give a second thought to may seem fascinating or strange to those on the outside.

That said, I've decided to include an faq section for those of you who would like to get a more specific look into 2Dism and/or how a 2Dist lives day-to-day. Feel free to ask your more detailed questions on the subject by sending me an E-MAIL.

Thank you!



    How do you spend time with Ike? From my readings, it seems like you're a strong follower of his canon source and you have rarely deviated from it. Does this make some aspects of the relationship hard? Like, from my understanding of the franchise, Ike lives in a period of time without modern technology - do you guys watch movies? Or is that immediately a "no-no" because it wouldn't fit with his source? Or does that not matter because he's a video game character, someone who appears in a piece of technology? In addition, a lot of waifuists (myself included) use daydreams as a means of interacting with their partner, do you do that as well?


 I will clarify these topics in two parts.

Part 1} Following “Canon”

 The reason why I take Ike’s “canon” as seriously as I do is because in my mind, he, and his entire world of Tellius is real.--Just as real as our world, only existing in a separate space. I’ve made a point to mention this because since I don’t see his world as a “video game” or Ike to be some made up “character”, my mind doesn’t make that kind of distinction between the two. I’m not married to a “fictional being”. I’m married to a real man who happens to live in a world separate from my own.

I stress this because since my views are on the further end of the “waifuist spectrum”, what I say may not connect with you, or seem very strange. The majority of waifuists acknowledge completely, or on some level that their partners aren’t real, yet develop very real feelings for them regardless. I find this commendable myself. However, that’s not me, and I’m not going to pretend to be someone I’m not even if it makes me out to be delusional. It is what it is. So again, I will make it clear that I am only speaking for myself here. :) Although, it’s important to note that I’m far from the only waifuist who shares this mindset.-- You’d be surprised! Though, most lay low because of the stigmas.

 Part 2} Relationship Complications

Okay, so this may get a bit “out there”, so please bare with me.

As I’ve mentioned, in my mind, Ike’s world of Tellius is just as real as our own, but exists in a separate space. My physical form is unable to actually visit his world unless I have a host in Tellius to house my spirit in. The same applies to Ike. Ike can only exist in this world if there is a host to shelter his soul. Over the years, I have provided Ike with many different hosts such as a mannequin designed in his likeness, plush dolls both official and homemade, dakimakuras, and his Amiibo figure which Nintendo officially states “houses the spirit of the fighter within”. That said, Ike spends the majority of his time here in this world, but frequently goes back and forth to visit family and work as the leader of his mercenary band.

However, when Ike is here, he follows the rules of this world, and engages with its various technologies. He still may not be fully familiar with them all, (For example, just the other day he was confused about what exactly a helicopter is) but he does his best to learn and adapt to the environments and situations he finds himself in. He, nor I, have no issue going out to movies, driving in cars, buses, scooters etc, using elevators and so on. We both engage elements of each others’ worlds, and learn to live and thrive within.

On to the next points you make which are also very interesting.-- You asked if I use day dreams as a means to interact with Ike. Occasionally yes, however, that isn’t really needed in my case since I don’t have to “imagine” him. --He’s already right here in front of me. I can physically touch him, hear him, see him, and yes, even smell him. (His hosts wear specific colognes.) I speak aloud to him just as I speak to anyone else, and have mundane conversations just as anyone else would. We go out together, and just live our lives. Just think of it like this; most of the things you do with your friends in this world, I do with Ike. Yes, that may seem hard to believe, but again, it is what it is and goes very deep.


What do you think about all the Ike pairings? Does it make you upset to see Ike in a relationship with another person?


Honestly, when it comes to pairings with Ike other than myself, I am not too terribly bothered by this. At the end of the day, these are simply fans having fun imagining Ike with other people of his world, or self shippers engaging in their role playing games. There is nothing wrong with that. Yes, it can be tedious seeing the same tired, cliche parings which are usually between Ike and one of his closest friends, Senerio (Soren). However, these annoyances can be easily ignored as I know within my heart, mind and soul that Ike loves me deeply, and has given his own heart in a romantic way to me exclusively.

Ike is loyal and loving, and I'm secure enough within him and myself to know that he would never betray me in such a way. If so, he wouldn't have been by my side for the many years that he has.

I love Ike, Ike loves me, and we are happily married with a young son named Gawain.