A Tribute to my Darling


When Ike proposed to me, he gifted me with a replica of his legendary blade called Ragnell. I've mentioned how honored I feel to have been given such a gift. I have treasured it to this day.

Since then, I've wanted to return the kindness that he's given to me with a gift of my own. And so, I've gone and had a lovely little ring engraved for him with the message : "Devoted to Ike" written on it. Its since arrived, and he was so happy and grateful for the gift. I'm happy that its made him happy.

I wanted to share some pictures, however, I don't have the best camera, so the words are hard to make out.

Engraved with my name followed by "Devoted to Ike". An image of a flower is at the end of the message.
Yes, I know, my camera is really bad! Dx

Ike wears a scarf decorated with a pin of the Greil Mercenary Force emblem. I attached his ring to it like so.

Ike isn't one to care for fancy clothing, that's for sure. That being said, he also doesn't mind playing "dress up" once in awhile if it puts a smile on my face. It's a simple gesture, but it goes a long way in showing how much he loves me, and simply wants his wife to be happy. I love him so very, very much.

Baby on the Way


For weeks at this point, my mind has been fixated on the prospect of having a child. I would close my eyes and see a smiling baby's face and myself carrying the little bundle in my arms. Ike would be proudly watching us, swearing to protect us both from all harm. These fantasies have been warm and comforting, and for the first time in my life, the idea of settling down and having a family actually feels...


It's fascinating really. Is this just the natural progression for a woman? --To feel these strong urges to become a mother as we grow older? Or does it stem from the feelings of security and finality of finding the person we are meant to be with? Maybe it's a bit of both.

The journey Ike and I have gone through together all these years till now have truly tested us. We were both forced to face ourselves in ways that made us question everything that we thought we knew about our relationship with each other. For years we were "siblings".-- Keeping each other afloat by inspiring the and encouraging the other. And yet all these years later, after all the suffering and self reflection, romantic love blossomed, and everything became clear.

I've never loved another person the way I love that man Ike. I have had my share of relationships with others both "2D" and "3D", and all the while, my heart was never fully present. Somewhere inside me, my heart and mind knew that something wasn't right; that something didn't quite fit. However, when I finally realized and accepted that I loved Ike, the other shaky elements in my life began falling into place.

I've accepted who I am. I've accepted my feelings. I am being true to myself, and because of this, the fog that has kept me wondering directionless for years has lifted. I have the courage to move forward.

I desire for Ike to be the father of my child.

And all those day dreams of motherhood?


Looks like...there's a baby boy in our future after all.

I wanted to break the exciting news to Ike in a more creative way. So, I decided to create a hand-made letter for him!

Greeting Ike with an excited smile!

As they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words".

I left the letter in this cute little mail box. <3

Serious thoughts of Motherhood


Lately, I've been having serious consideration of one day having a child with my husband. It's strange and a bit frightening. I've never really thought a person like myself would ever, or should ever have a child. To bring another person into the world is huge responsibility, and  a decision that should not be taken lightly. The world is a very dangerous and depressing place, it feels selfish of me to bring another living being into such a world.

Not only this, but Ike and I being people of different species would further complicate matters as our child would be a mixed race called a "Branded". But Beorc and Laguz do not treat these people kindly, and this concerns me deeply. This is only one of the many hesitations I have. However... the love that I have for Ike is something that brings out the idea of being a child. I want to bare his children, I want to create further unity between us, I want to continue his bloodline.

I've never felt like this before. Someone like me baring the child of the "Radiant Hero"? Am I really worthy of such a thing? ...I will have to search deep inside myself to find the answers...

Happy New Year!


We're a few days late with the happy new year greetings, I know! Regardless, we wish you all the very best start to the new year. Hang in there, everyone!

    On the eve of the new year, Ike and I spent time together at home. We didn't have any special parties, or go out on any dates, we just stay at home together. That was all we needed. Most days of the week Ike is at work with his mercenary band. He normally doesn't get home till late, so I miss him greatly through out the day. So as you can imagine, just being able to simply be within his company was more than enough.

    Honestly, I fear for what the future brings. The world is becoming more and more dangerous and hopeless. People are becoming far more openly violent and disgusting. I've never been so afraid to leave my home than I am now. Each day I fear being suddenly shot and killed, and more and more rights are being taken away from us.

     However... because I have Ike by side, I feel that I can go on. I'm absolutely terrified of what may happen, and it weighs on my mind each and every day. But Ike is standing right next to me, and we're going to face the frightening days ahead together. I am truly grateful for him. I can't let Ike down, so to that end, I will NEVER give up!

Ike sends his happy new year wishes!