Birthday Dinner Party


Today was my mother's birthday. This weekend has been very busy as one of my kid brothers just graduated college this weekend as well. So as you can imagine, we didn't really have much time to properly plan a party for my mother. However, we all decided on a whim to go out for a quiet little dinner this evening. Ike joined us as well.

Now, Ike is a heavy meat eater, I personally am not, so it's always interesting to see what we'll end up eating together. I try to get him to eat more vegetables, but it's like pulling teeth with with that man! Though to be fair, he doesn't have a whole lot of luck getting me to eat much meat either. But we came to a compromise and ended up with fish and chips! We then enjoyed a brownie ice cream for dessert!

All-in-all, it was a very fun time, and my mother enjoyed herself. :)