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A look into the life of a "waifuist".
The true wife of Radiant Hero Ike.

    The latest update was given on February 2nd, 2020.


       Hello and welcome!  I am a 30 -year-old self proclaimed "waifuist". A waifuist is a person who is attracted to, and has romantic feelings for a "fictional" 2D entity. However, my mentality differs somewhat from this concept. I feel that my 2D counterparts are just as real as I am, yet live in a separate plane of existence. To me, calling them "fictional" or "character" is both inaccurate and disrespectful. My connection with the 2D folk can be better described as "spiritual",-- not too dissimilar to how a deeply religious person believes that their god(s) are real. I don't see them as "fictional" in any way.

 This site will act as a diary of sorts to give an inside look into the life I share with my husband, Ike, from the Fire Emblem series, as well as our son, Gawain, in hopes of spreading awareness of "waifuists", "reborn mothers" etc. Hopefully this will be educational, and help combat stereotypes.

However, I don't claim to speak for all waifuists. I can only speak for myself and my experiences. I understand I may appear "delusional" to most of you, however I simply don't care. To pretend to be someone I'm not is to be truly deluded. I am who I am, and am happy. I'm not changing myself for anyone, so feel free to criticize and "hate" all you want. :) We all only have ONE life, and I'm choosing to live mine as I see fit!

Thank you!

I love this man, and have no shame letting the world know! I will remain by his side for the rest of my days.

When Ike proposed to me last year, he gifted me with this beautiful miniature replica of his legendary Ragnell blade. Putting aside the fact that a man like Ike accepted my love and proposed to me in the first place, him having given me a replica of the blade his father once wielded, and something that has such meaning to him is something that I am incredibly touched by.

Personally, I've always thought Ragnell was a magnificent sword, and since I was a child, whenever I would see this blade, I would instantly feel safe and warm. It was so closely associated with Ike that I would feel stronger and braver because of it.

I later turned this replica into a necklace by adding a chain to it. Now I'm able to wear it around my neck whenever I go out. When I become overwhelmed, or get urges to hurt myself or others, I stroke it a few times until the urges pass.

Thank you, Ike. For everything.

I wanted Ike's second English VA, Greg Chun, to understand how appreciative I am for his fantastic efforts to bring my husband to life via voice.

This is a gift from my lovely Ike. When people hit on me while I'm out, they don't seem to get the message that I'm taken. Hopefully now they'll "get it" at least on some level.

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If you're a serious waifuist yourself and need resource links for your waifuism needs, make sure to check out this list!

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There are details of my life as a waifuist that I may not think to include in my writings since the entirety of this lifestyle, and how it plays out day-to-day, is all normal to me. Because of this, the most "mundane" of things I don't give a second thought to may seem fascinating or strange to those on the outside.

That said, I've decided to include an faq section for those of you who would like to get a more specific look into waifuism and/or how a waifuist lives day-to-day. Feel free to ask your more detailed questions on the subject using the form below.

Please note that "trolling" and bad faith messages will be ignored and trashed. As I've said, feel free to criticize and hate all you like!
However, I don't waste my time acknowledging and/or responding to pointless nonsense, so keep this in mind.

Thank you!

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